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Mai 25th, 2006 | By | Category: Allgemein

Via Superheldenclub: Das „OkCupid! The Virgin Game!

21 Runden je 2 Photos, je 1 Jungfrau. Sieht man jemanden die Jungfäulichkeit an? Ja oder Nein?

Ich jedenfalls nicht…

You were remarkably only
correct! You would’ve been better off guessing.

You got 8 of the 21 people correct, and you did better recognizing the virginity guys. Overall, you guessed better than 4% of all test takers.

DID YOU KNOW? Famous non-virgins include Michael Jordan, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, and the astronaut John Glenn.

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  1. haha =) 54 % Erkennungsrate!

  2. immerhin, 47%. ^^

  3. Okay, offenbar habe ich kein Auge für Jungfrauen, wie sonst würden sich schäbige 11% erklären. ;-(

  4. 66%;-)

  5. Guess the virgin…

    I am good at spotting virgins. Especially the guys (little tip: go for the less attractive one and vice versa for the girls). 71% right.A funny little game to keep me from studying marketing.[via]…

  6. You were

  7. Ich bin 100% Jungfrau!

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